Participating in the learning environment

BMC® has a long tradition of exploring and learning together as students, assistants and teachers, on very different levels of BMC® experience.

This is one of the beauties of the work: that we are all continuously learning and giving each other fruitful information.

We are looking forward to share the adventure of starting a program with you all, and one of the possibilities to do so, is having you on board as an assistant.


We believe in the potential for growth at the base of this role; first for what it brings to the person assisting, secondly for the support it can offer to others and the group as a whole, and thirdly, for the benefits to the material and the community beyond the learning environment.


For this and so many other reasons, we are delighted to welcome and support you if you want to assist in Spain – for an individual course or more often throughout the programs.

There will be always translation between  English and Spanish at the program.

Program and Educational Director Walburga Glatz. Picture by Raquel Fonfría

Workshops for assistants on teaching specific BMC® material:


We would like to nourish growth, discussion and explorations on the advanced level of the assistants. This relates to the BMC® material as well as to the educational aspect of didactics and teaching skills. We will find time for this to happen during the courses in our staff meetings and individual supervision sessions – and beyond: in a special workshop for the assistants that we will offer the day after each course, free of charge.

This time is meant to open spaces, in which to reach out with questions on the material and on the teaching, to ask them in the community of peers and explore together. Some questions might grow out of the very constellation of the course, some might stay with us throughout our teaching. Questions like: What are teaching skills? How are they influenced and supported by the BMC® material – in general and very specifically by the material being taught? How to use the mind and principles of a system to support its presentation? How is it different to teach in a program from teaching an ongoing class or workshop? What have I noticed in the teaching of this very course? What do I resonate with, what might support me in distilling out my own style?

Walburga Glatz will facilitate the workshops and will give focusing tasks to the assistants (individually, in pairs, in small groups) during the course to then share/present during our workshop time together.

These workshops will happen on the day after each course from 9am – 1.30pm. Participation is free for those who assisted in the course.

Please, in your application, also register for the workshop if you want to participate.

We are especially interested in creating a core team and know how fruitful it is when assistants commit to a sustained participation throughout the programs. If you think this may be your case, please contact us in advance so we can start a dialogue.

Assistants' Registration Form  

If you want to participate as an assistant and be part of the team in Movimiento Atlas, please fill up and send us this application 

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